Oh, Sorry about the Neglect…

We have SO much catching up to do but I’ll take care of it in short bullet points. Here’s what I’ve been up to since mid-July:

- Quit the job known as ‘Solitary Confinement’.

- Started job at dream company where I travel the country supplying my professional talents and always abundant one-liners.

- Commenced traveling the country for said dream company and loving every minute of every day. 

So, here we are on the brink of the end of the world and I’m finally balls deep in a career path I actually enjoy. So far since August, I’ve had the chance to mosey on over to Portland, Austin, Ames, Birmingham, Baton Rouge, and Columbia. The goal is to hit up each of the states within the next year or two before (maybe) settling down in some kind of permanent locale (I wouldn’t count on it, being tied down isn’t really my scene). 

Anyways, since starting my travels and spending ample time in airports and other means of transportation, I feel like my efforts may be best focused on the WEIRD ASS SHIT that one sees when frequenting these transit hubs. I can assure you, even in the past month, some of the things I’ve seen in airports rival that of reality TV. I’ll be posting various photos of people legitimately laying on the floor, videos of a self-proclaimed millionaire (as heard through his conversation on his blue-tooth headset) falling asleep and literally head bobbing like his make-a-wish dream was to enjoy one last Metallica concert, and CHILDREN.

If it were up to me, traveling families would be quarantined to their own airports all together where their struggles weren’t so embarrassing for the rest of us and we wouldn’t have to experience a couple considering divorce over the folding of a stroller.

Moral of the story: I’m fucking BACK.

July 17th – D(elta Spirit)

Yep, I’ve taken a predictable hiatus and completely disregarded my extracurricular blog work. But, today I’m receiving more spam email than I am legitimate business so I figured I would pay some attention to you jokers. 


Delta Spirit (www.deltaspirit.net)

Every single time I see them book a show anywhere in Texas (giant state, shows my dedication…), I’m always sure to catch at least one of their shows. The energy of each show always rivals the last and leaves you wanting just one more song. From their older albums to the (semi) newly released self titled album, their style is consistent and holds the key to numerous sing-a-long tracks. They tour more frequently than most acts and rock the house down night after night. One of my personal favorites (which is a little different from their usual style) is below.


Favorite Posts of the Past

So, I know I’ve been a total dick lately and haven’t been keeping up on either the music thing OR the humor thing. (Don’t worry, even my own MOM called me out…). But really, it was a holiday week. Can you blame me? You should actually be celebrating or something because I spent a hot minute hanging out OUTDOORS. Unbelievable, I know…but it happened. I figured while I cultivate some new material (and brain cells after last week), I’d give some links to some of my personal faves in case you haven’t had time to scroll through to the older posts. Holla.

White People. Rap Music. http://corporatehipsters.com/2012/05/15/white-people-rap-music/

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5 Steps to Sounding like a Dick via Email. http://corporatehipsters.com/2012/06/20/5-easy-steps-to-sounding-like-a-dick-via-e-mail/

I’ll be getting some new posts up soon but I’m constantly updating the Twitter page (www.twitter.com/corphipsters) since obviously that takes a lot less time to create…and I only recently realized it’s actually fun as shit. I’ll admit it, I used to think it was pointless. Times have changed, bitches.

July 8th – C(itizen Cope)


Citizen Cope (www.citizencope.com)

First of all, I should get Scattergories bonus points for thinking of an act with not one, but TWO C words in their name. Anyways, Citizen Cope has been somewhat of an under-appreciated hidden gem for quite sometime. It’s really a mystery how he hasn’t been outed with any commercial radio hits. Based out of Brooklyn, Clarence Greenwood (aka Citizen Cope) has stolen the hearts of every different type of person, from frat guys to stoners, and has done it with ease. His vibe is always chill but never dull. His variety ranges from ‘D’Artagnan’s Theme’ to ‘Let the Drummer Kick’ and you never want to turn away. He’s constantly touring and will have a live dvd out soon that was taped at Stubb’s in Austin, which I had the immense pleasure of attending. Just in case you were looking to fall in love with some amazing jams, check out the video below. 


July 3rd – B(each House / Birdy)

Beach House (http://www.beachhousebaltimore.com/

Surprisingly enough, I learned of Beach House on a random evening watching Conan at the beginning of his run on TBS (you know, when it was the cool thing to do). They recently put out their latest album, ‘Bloom’ that didn’t disappoint. My favorite track from their previous album ‘Teen Dream’, was a tie between 10 Mile Stereo and Zebra. If you’re looking for an album that will get you pumped up and take ecstacy to…this is NOT the one. For example, Beach House has made its way to becoming a staple on nearly every ‘Chill’ playlist I’ve ever created, and I mean that in the most adoring way possible.

Luckily, they’re on tour currently and will be stopping by Houston and Austin in September. Tickets — CHECK.

Birdy (http://officialbirdy.com/)

Guys, she’s like 15 or some shit and has already completely proven herself with her range and musical ability. When I was 15, I was doing absolutely nothing with my life besides driving around with my older friends probably up to no good. I’m inspired. She’s put out an album of covers and I don’t know a single person that hasn’t heard at least one of them. From Skinny Love by Bon Iver to District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Postal Service, she’s knocking it out of the park with her renditions of these classics. (I’m considering them classics for her since she was probably a toddler when they were written….)

July 2nd – A(labama Shakes)


Alabama Shakes

A couple months ago, their song Hold On basically swept me off my feet. Their soulful lead singer, Brittany Howard, completely flips the script by delivering a whirlwind of sound throughout their entire debut album ‘Boys and Girls’. I’ve been known recently to play their songs for friends and have them give me a description of what they imagine the singer to look like. Not a single person has imagined the lead as a female, which is thrilling enough in itself. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in their badass sound initially but once you watch a few videos, you’ll fall for them even harder. In their thrift store t-shirts and modest attitudes, you’ll truly crave being friends with them while they simultaneously melt your face off.

They recently stole the show at Bonnaroo and have made a serious name for themselves in recent publications of Rolling Stone and various other credible sources. To see one of my personal favorites, check out the video below.


A to Z Music Month!

July is already boring me so I figured, why not share some tunes in an organized fashion?? I’m going to use July (weekdays only…I’ve got shit to do on the weekends, people) to share a few artists/songs/albums per day based on their placement in the alphabet. I’m ALWAYS up for requests/suggestions so feel free to holla at me. Also, bonus points and undying love to anyone that can introduce some new favorites into the mix.